Tuesday: The Deuce, The Heights, The Almost-Trendy Trash

  • The 26-year transformation of Times Square is finally over. New Jersey’s SJP will spend $1 billion on a 40-story office building at 42nd and Eighth, thus filling the last block of “the 13-acre Times Square redevelopment district”. The Times says The Deuce–a former land of “pimps and drug dealers”–is gone. And it only took 47 lawsuits to get this building going! Also: can you spell “speculative” without “spec?” (New York Times)
  • Brooklyn Heights Death Watch: Thanks to Sterling Equities, the group behind the NY Mets, 40 luxury condos are headed for Love Lane. The real tragedy is that the development will jeopardize a mass of “highly coveted paid parking spaces,” forcing 400 cars onto the crowded streets. Goodbye, lovely Lane, goodbye. (NY Daily News)
  • Where does the 13,500 daily tons of waste from New York building renovations go? Not anywhere in New York, because our landfills were saturated in March 2001. Instead of hauling waste out-of-state, an Astoria group named Build It Green! wants you to give them your reusable detritus. It’s not a sexy job, but it’s certanly “almost trendy.” (City Limits)
  • If a new shoe store goes up in Soho, does it make a sound? For the next decade, Te Casan will fill 7,500 square feet on West Broadway with “limited collections from seven emerging shoe designers around the world.” At $200 per square foot, will each Norwegian and South African pump run at a clean $100 each? One can hope. (Crain’s)
  • If only downtown real estate were as perfect. The MTA is buying out 140 small businesses in order to clear space for the Fulton Street Transit Hub. Whether or not local owners are forced to pay steep moving taxes and city finance fees (which they may have to), the Fulton folks will have to be out by the first week of September. Thanks, MTA! (NY1)
  • Max Abelson