Tuesday: Trump Loses, DUMBO and the No. 6 Win

Sweet summer swimming? (NYT)

  • First the Related Companies brought us a “luxury high line condo” and an Iron Chef. Then came Related’s hot-ticket midtown Veneto (plus Le Cirque). Now here’s a pretty Hell’s Kitchen lake, plus the potential for West Nile, at a vacant Related-owned lot. (New York Times)
  • Donald “The Donald”/”The Trump” Trump is officially found “unpersuasive” and “without merit”–at least that’s what a state Supreme Court has said about his big West Side lawsuit. The 20 counts of that suit (19 of which have been dismissed) charged his former Hong Kong partners for undervaluing the Riverside South properties, which were sold last year to the Carlyle Group in a record-setting residential land deal. Undervalued? Just like Don. (The Real Deal)
  • The Municipal Art Society’s Kent Barwick battles it out with ACORN’s Bertha Lewis within the hallowed pages of City Limits. Mr. Barwick is against the current plan for Atlantic Yards, and he invokes “justice and equity” to tell us why. In support, Ms. Lewis relies on the old “we don’t have the luxury of the word ‘should'” argument. (City Limits)
  • Who knew DUMBO had been gentrified? The luxurious green hands of Whole Foods will be grabbing up some space across the river–possibly ABC Carpet’s old 40,000 square feet at 20 Jay Street. (Curbed)
  • The Number 6 is somehow named the best New York subway line for the third year in a row. (The N, aka The Never–get it?–comes in last on account of its infrequency, seat unavailability, dirtiness, etc.) The victorious No. 6, on the other hand, gets a measly “MetroCard Rating” of $1.40: at least the MTA Podcast doesn’t cost anything. (Newsday)
  • Max Abelson