Wednesday: Return of the Round-Up! And the End of Stuy Town? (And the Return of Senators’ Ego Brawls!)

Shiny happy 7 WTC

  • We’ve been stirred from our week-long beauty sleep with the news that the 110 apartment buildings of Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village are on the block for $5 billion. The Times coverage is a joyous string of zingers: the sale “would be the biggest deal for a single American property in modern times” and “This is the ego dream of the world” and “They have to raise the rents or convert it to a condo.” Ego dream indeed. (New York Times)
  • A State Supreme Court justice has refused to stop construction at the 26-story New York University dorm going up on East 12th. Greenwich Village activists retort: “NYU has been the worst neighbor in every respect possible.” Sadly, bad neighboring isn’t illegal yet. (Newsday)
  • The late Philip Johnson’s partner Alan Richie will be converting a 12,778-square-foot office building at 5 East 44th Street into–(wait for it)–luxury condos. But first, of course, the old Grand Central neighbor will be demolished. (The Real Deal)
  • The Post reports some very hard facts on 7 World Trade Center: The big deal (or “Big One”) is Moody’s lease for 700,000-plus square feet. When will that deal be done? It “won’t be done until it’s done.” Right. (New York Post)
  • Ex-senator real-estate drama! D’Amato has been hired to lobby against Pataki’s plans to turn the Farley Post Office into Moynihan Station. The Dolans and MSG are tangled up in this, as are the nightmare egos of the world. (New York Sun)
  • Max Abelson