Friday: ‘A Wild and Crazy Year’ Versus Wildly Crazy Brokers

Greetings, Mr. Governor

  • If the World Trade Center is ever rebuilt, the list of its regal designers will sound like a horrifying law firm: Libeskind, Foster, Maki, Rogers, Calatrava, Childs, and Gehry. What’s there to say about their newly unveiled plans? The buildings are “gargantuan,” “deferential,” and “a jazz quartet,” according to the Times. We say: they’re not that different from the old stuff. (The New York Times)
  • On the one hand, CNN has been screaming about the bloody, bubbly death of American residential real estate. On the other hand, it’s worse when experts call Manhattan’s commercial market a “bell-ringer” (or “high times“). Even more annoying are meaningless, preemptive reports on this “wild and crazy year.” (NY Sun)
  • Last we checked in on Warhol’s old East End estate (Gatsby, anyone?), it was sitting unsold for $50 million. Now the windy Montauk wonderland is sitting unsold for $40–which BHS broker Tony Cerio calls a “big value”. Poor, poor Long Island. (The New York Times)
  • The NY Press reveals that the rental market is “a dog eat dog” world. Who knew? More significantly: the phrase “you push it, and push it, and push it” is herein the official mantra of the Manhattan real estate industry. (NY Press)
  • Max Abelson