Friday: Even More Reasons To Hate the Hamptons, To Love Harlem, To Fear the Market

Whites in Sagaponack

  • Today’s Most Gloriously Sensational Lead Sentence About the US Real Estate Market: “By any measure, things are getting tougher for American homeowners.” (Seriously, the Wall Street Journal doesn’t kid around when it comes to measuring toughness.) But clocks in at a very close second: “The buzz about a possible 2007 economic downturn is growing.” (WSJ)
  • MetLife can get away with crushing Stuy Town, but the monolith will really get into trouble if they move 1,700 executives into 42nd’s old Verizon Building . Why? Because only five years ago NYC gave MetLife $26.4 million to move those execs to Long Island City. (New York Times)
  • It’s been 11 grueling days since the Times‘ article about Harlem’s hotness, and nearly a month since a Post cover-story on the same topic. So it’s time for The Sun to weigh in: “Harlem has finally been recognized as being in Manhattan… Harlem has arrived.” (The Sun)
  • What kind of sentiments are shared by the vacationers at the post-mortem Hamptons ? “Sometimes, perhaps, when you get down to it, those June and July pals are just not our kind, dear.” Or: “Having a common experience was great but [you] didn’t necessarily like the people you were having it with.” Or: “[Class] distinctions might be more of an issue if they got together during the fall and winter.” (New York Times)
  • Max Abelson