Friday: New York and Zwirner and Pritzger Jury All Expand; M.A.S. Kicks Shins!

  • The Times profiles the Municipal Art Society’s Kent Barwick, painting a rich portrait of Manhattan realty’s professional “shin” kicker. What does Mr. Barwick think about this era of supersaturated condos and hondos and bloggers and Yardage? “There hasn’t been a time, at least not in my lifetime, where New York City has seen so much development going on with so little public involvement.” Does blogging count as involvement? (New York Times)
  • But who cares about over-development when there’s a bigger and better new borough? Yes, everyone, it’s Newark, “the next place to get discovered.” Our official prediction: Borough No. 8 is White Plains. Then comes Bridgeport. (The Sun)
  • Just because Frank “Miss Brooklyn is his middle name” Gehry stepped down from the Pritzger Prize commission this year doesn’t mean Renzo Piano won’t join in on all the P.P. juror fun. The other newly-minted tastemakers are Tokyo’s Shigeru Ban and New York’s own Toshiko Mori. (Architecture Magazine)
  • Jerry Saltz wonders what Chelsea’s David Zwirner will accomplish with his new “half-block-long, triple-doored, brightly lit 30,000 square feet” that he couldn’t accomplish in the old 5,000-sf Zwirner Gallery. Saltz’s answer? “More of what he was already doing.” That, of course, plus an “all-out bid for preeminence.” (Village Voice)
  • How do you stop a new 50-story (or 7-story?) Brooklyn condo? You don’t–unless you have a statue surrounded by lots of dead people, and can argue successfully that they deserve an unobstructed view of the Statue of Liberty. In which case, presto, you’ll have a national park instead of a local eyesore. (NY1)
  • Max Abelson