Hillary Shows Up, Pledges Roll In

Not to be outdone by Al Gore’s rousing performance yesterday, Hillary Clinton appeared at her husband’s Clinton Global Initiative conference this morning for a “special session” on “Women and the Power of Economic Opportunity.”

The room on the second floor of the Sheraton was packed for the wonkish panel discussion, (micro-financing, trade opportunities, efficiency in non-governmental charitable organizations) and a star-struck group of corporate grandees and NGO officials rushed up to meet her at its conclusion. She posed and chatted with most of them, but thoroughly ignored the reporters waiting outside the doors. After exiting with Chelsea, she briskly walked away inside a circle of aides and guards.

She next appeared seated in the main ballroom for Bill Clinton’s lengthy closing session, and laughed when he talked about the difficulty of substituting all the light bulbs in his house with environmentally conscious alternatives when “his Senator” was away.

The former president also announced that $7.3 billion dollars had been pledged during the event, lending new meaning to something that the traditionally Republican fund-raiser Georgette Mosbacher told me in the same ballroom yesterday: “I think that if you write your name down here, you might as well write it in blood because they are going to come after you.”

–Jason Horowitz

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