I’m Bringing Home the Bacon

AMANDA: At last, the move is done. Dan has proven himself to be a fantastic house-husband-to-be. He’s been running the dishwasher, cleaning out cabinets, doing laundry and unpacking. Meanwhile, I’ve been at work. My plan to take last week off to move and unpack were dashed by my boss, who took off on vacation and needed me to stick around. It’s been a complete role reversal – I’m bringing home the bacon and Dan’s creating a lovely home.

With all of this working and moving going on, planning the wedding has been pushed to the back burner. I literally haven’t spoken to the wedding coordinator since we signed the contract. Now that we’re somewhat settled, I am ready to focus. Soon there will be an answer when one of my bridesmaids asks “what are we going to wear?” And the guest list, save the dates, invitations, my mom’s dress, a menu, the rehearsal dinner….The list goes on.