Maer Roshan: Mary Mapes Was Going To Work for Dan Rather, Has Too Heard of Radar

Radar editor Maer Roshan said that he is standing by his magazine’s story that former CBS producer Mary Mapes is going to work with Dan Rather at HDNet.

Both Ms. Mapes and HDNet’s owner, Mark Cuban, denied the arrangement today

“The reporter, who’s a trusted one here, did speak to her,” Mr. Roshan said this afternoon. “We first got that information about a month ago. It could conceivably be that [Ms. Mapes] doesn’t remember. It could also be that maybe that this was going to be official and…. You know? Things happen in a month. I know that this information when we got it was true. It was confirmed by Ms. Mapes.”

Mr. Roshan further claimed that his reporter—identified only as “FI Staff”—had exchanged e-mails with Ms. Mapes. In them, he said, she suggested people that Radar might hire.

“The idea of making up out of whole cloth a story like that,” he said. “Of all the stories to make up that doesn’t seem like one that naturally leaps to mind.”

Reached again at her Dallas home, Ms. Mapes again denied ever having had plans to work for HDNet. “I’m not sure what he’s talking about,” she said.

She also reiterated that she had never spoken to a Radar reporter. “I’ve not talked to anyone who called as a reporter from Radar to discuss anything like that.”

Ms. Mapes did, however, clarify her position on her familiarity with Radar, the magazine. She knew of its existence. She just had trouble finding the Web site, she said.
—Rebecca Dana