Monday: Some 9/11 Problems; Some Affordable Housing Problems; But, On the Bright Side, There's [em]Key[/em]!)

Ground Zero [NYT]

  • First, the happy news: this weekend the world was finally introduced to Key Magazine, which has a very shiny cover and lots of steamy info on “posh” Houston suburbs, Dubai villas, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Plus, there’s a Q&A that begins: “How do I pick the right material for my kitchen countertop?” (NYT Key)
  • To commemorate 9/11, The Times gives us a 17,952-word wrap-up of the past half-decade at the the WTC. A choice sentence: “The combination of big money, prime real estate, bottomless grief, artistic ego and dreams of legacy transformed ground zero into a mosh pit.” And what does Mayor Bloomberg think? “It is what it is.” (New York Times)
  • And about Mr. Bloomberg’s pet plan for 165,000 new units of affordable housing within seven years: there’s a bad break, and that bad break is officially called The Slowdown In The City’s Real Estate Market. (Crain’s Premium)
  • Some fluffy Manhattan news on a non-fluffy day: the Daily News reports on the places that “manipulative New York bachelors” choose for dinner dates: there’s Grand Street downtown, Rivington out East, Bond Street in Brooklyn… and the Meatpacking District. When will those bachelors ever learn? (NY Daily News)
  • Max Abelson