The Ombudsman Ombudsman: You Are Going To Get Yours

Today’s Romenesko ombudsman roundup includes the work of one Armando Acuna, public editor of the Sacramento Bee. Acuna

In a Sept. 5 Q&A to talk about his new football book, broadcaster John Madden is quoted using “gonna” four times.

That was equaled Aug. 21 in a short feature called Trailer Trash, which rates and reviews movie trailers:

“Doesn’t matter what this movie is about — we’re gonna see it. Doesn’t matter if it’s the worst film ever made — we’re gonna see it. Doesn’t matter if the movie consists of nothing more than back-to-back shots of Jack Black’s backside. Gonna see it. Because this is ‘Tenacious D,’ and it’s gonna rock the house.”

There were also instances that seemed less gratuitous: