The Power Vested in Kate By the State of California To Marry People for 24 Hours

FRANCESCA: We went to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder ‘s office Thursday to get my sister-in-law, Kate Gordon, deputized to marry me and B on Sunday. California has a program where anyone can be a deputy commissioner for the day and have the ‘power vested in you by the state of California’ for 24 hours to perform a civil wedding ceremony.

Kate spent about half an hour with the county recorder, and walked out of the building with a new air of authority, which she wears well.

Kate Gordon.

She, by the way, can marry anyone on Sunday, September 3, who has a marriage license. So – if you’re lookin, she’s all yours when she’s done with our ceremony.

The only problem with her marrying us is that over breakfast at our house this AM, B started teasing her about something and she answered- “You better watch out. I have the power vested in me NOT to marry you on Sunday!”