Thursday: Pataki Loves Moynihan and the Library; Anna Wintour Stubbornly Loves Bryant Park

Mr. Legacy

  • In his last moments of power, Pataki is trying his darndest to set into motion his $900 million plan(s) for Moynihan Station. What’s holding him down? For starters, the state comptroller complains that there aren’t sufficient funds, and that one million square feet of development rights were sold without having any appraisal. (Plus, legislators haven’t been presented with the details of “Plan B,” which happens to be a $7 billion add-on). So, alas, Moynihan is currently off the table. (New York Times)
  • Gather around, kids, it’s time for cosmetic news about the library! The facade of the NYPL is about to get a $5 million facelift, thanks to the aforementioned Governor George. He’s pledged money to restore ornaments, replace worn mortar and deteriorated stone brackets, and to remove “gypsum crusts and soiling.” George hates gypsum crusts. (Crain’s)
  • Not only does Costas Kondylis have a decadent name, he has a decadent job–designing monolithic hotel/condo towers for Mr. Donald John Trump. And, of course, he also has a decadent apartment: a 3,307-square-foot duplex at Grand Beekman. (He designed the Grand Beekman, obviously). $5.5 million will get you the three bedrooms, media room, wet bar, and seven flat screen TVs. (NY Post)
  • Tragic disputes with a landlord will likely force Fashion Week out of Bryant Park. Is Lincoln Center a viable alternative? The Times says that’s like “comparing a studio apartment with a classic six. Even on paper, the layout is cramped, weirdly shaped, lacking closet space and hardly conducive to an ambience of luxury.” Meanwhile, Anna Wintour demands that the city take her industry “seriously.” (NY Times)
  • Max Abelson