Thursday: The Plaza Vs. SoHo; Larry Vs. Mike; The Middle Class Vs. MetLife

The futuristic Plaza! [NY Post]

  • What will be the posh apartment amenities in our horrifying future? PDA-controlled security systems in SoHo, thumbprint entry in Midtown, and computerized metal sunshades in the Meatpacking District. Plus at The Plaza: curtains digitally-programmed to protect art from the cruel sun. Praise the condo-ification of Manhattan! (NY Post)
  • Larry Silverstein and New York City are getting along just swell. Except that they’re arguing over a potential $240 million-difference in rents. (Larry wants $20 more per square foot, which adds up when the City and Port Authority are looking at 600,000sf each in the new towers). There are a few other “thorny” issues, but it’s nothing several years can’t solve. (The New York Times)
  • The NY Press jumps aboard the Ground Zero/Atlantic Yards media wagon with a dramatic cover story, declaring that new developments have been force-fed to Manhattan “under the banner of rebuilding the City after 9/11.” Them be fighting words! Yet in the last paragraphs, we learn that NYC may have an appetite after all: there are over 40 firms who need at least 100,000 square feet of office space. (The NY Press)
  • Stuyvesant Town update: City Council Speaker Quinn has complained that Met Life isn’t paying substantial attention to the Peter Cooper/Stuy tenant organization, which wants to be seen as a legitimate bidder for the gigantic property’s sale. MetLife retorts that it’s just trying to be “consistent with real estate transactions of this kind.” But the financial history books aren’t so favorable to working class folks aiming to pull off multi-billion dollar deals. (NY1)
  • Max Abelson