Thursday: Timeshares, Booze, Bankruptcy; All Brought To You By the Number 8!

  • If Times Square “destination” penthouses aren’t your thing, perhaps you’ll be happy to know that Hilton is building a branch of its Grand Vacations Club on 57th Street. The company says it’s “the first ground-up timeshare development in N.Y.C.”–to which The Post appropriately replies: “Ooookay.” (NY Post)
  • Hilariously, Forest City has unanimously approved the City Planning Commission’s suggestion to reduce the Atlantic Yards development by 8%. Earlier this week we were under the impression that an 8% cutback in size–try and follow the logic here–meant an 8% cutback in size. But apparently the newly “reduced” plan is exactly what the developer had in mind way back in 2003. (Check the bottom comment here for some wise foresight). (NY1)
  • If all these numbers confuse you because you’re under 21, why not head to your local watering hole to wash your headache away? Or maybe not: the elderly sticklers of the New York Nightlife Association are proposing to outlaw sub-21 revelers from Manhattan bars and nightclubs. Chelsea, Williamsberg, and the entire Lower East Side will all be so over in one fell swoop. (Crain’s)
  • It only took 18 years for The Museum of the City of New York to break ground on its big expansion. Congrats, kiddos. (New York Times)
  • On a similar note, it turns out that the city’s long-tweaked Hudson Yards deal with the MTA “could bankrupt the authority and endanger other transit projects.” Oops. So don’t hold your breath for that expansion of the No. 7 line, or that nice new development with pleasant river views, or that big shiny stadium. NYC Olympics 2012, anyone? (New York Times)
  • Max Abelson