Tuesday: 'Green' Carpets, Yards' Yardage, East Harlem Hotness?

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Little Miss Brooklyn

  • How big will Atlantic Yards be? Possibly 8% smaller than Forest City Ratner had originally hoped, which makes it a mere 8 million square feet. On the one hand, the cutback is merely a recommendation of the City Planning Commission, which has no tangible power–on the other hand, the developers readily admit that the CPC downsize suggestion was “precooked” in order to make the plans “more politically palatable.” Scandal, anyone? (New York Times)
  • When the $400 million Second Avenue subway line is built from 63rd to 92nd, the Upper East Side will finally become habitable. On second thought, doesn’t everyone up there take taxis anyway? (NY1)
  • Who cares about billion-dollar promises to save our environment, the world, etc? The best part of the Clinton Global Initiative was a small but heartfelt pledge from Interface Inc to make “carbon neutral” carpeting. Now expensive interior designers and their wealthy clients can help “offset the emissions associated with [their] carpet or fabric,” which is the best thing to happen to the Upper East Side since the news about that new subway. (Interior Design)
  • Quote of the Month: “East Harlem is the next place.” That’s a soundbite from a Globe St. story on the upcoming $250 million sale of 48 buildings between 100th and 122nd Street. But there’s a long way to go: this week’s CityLimits paints a stark picture of “the least patronized municipal market in the city.” (C.L.)
  • Max Abelson