Tuesday: Less Atlantic Yards, Less Krispy Kreme, More Kiddie Condos

One Carnegie Hill: creep-ola

  • Wowzers. City officials say Forest City Ratner is reducing the bulk of Atlantic Yards “by 6 to 8 percent,” which means a potential downsize of 500,000 to 700,000 square-feet. Plus, the big Yards tower–dubbed Miss Brooklyn, of course–may not be the tallest in the borough! (That makes designer Frank Gehry quite unhappy, apparently. Then there’s Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, which gives a gorgeous quote: “They could chop Miss Brooklyn in half in terms of the height, and that won’t change our position.” (New York Times)
  • Continuing it’s recent tradition of ripping off stories, the WSJ breaks the riveting tale of kiddie-centric condo amenities. It’s old news, but it’s still disgusting–unless you’re into on-call Trump nannies and designer playgrounds. (WSJ)
  • The delicious Krispy Kreme flagship in Chelsea is shutting its delicious doors, which leaves merely two KK donut shops in Manhattan. Those franchisee lawsuits, those trans fats, and that SEC investigation probably weren’t great for business. (NY Post)
  • Sagaponack, proud home of the world’s richest zip code, is protesting a new BBQ place helmed by the owners of Nick & Toni’s. It’s not that they don’t love BBQ! But: “Do you like to play golf first thing in the morning smelling barbecue?” Of course we don’t. If this gusto keeps up, maybe the Hamptons won’t die after all. (New York)
  • Max Abelson