Barron's Brownstone Supporters

Gatemouth analyzes more primary election results and notes that in the race to unseat Rep. Ed Towns, the former Black Panther, Charles Barron, did pretty well among whites in Brownstone Brooklyn.

One of the surprises of this race was Barron’s strength among white voters in the Brownstone areas. In the 52nd, Barron held Towns to a near dead heat (Towns 583, Barron 516) among a nearly all white constituency. But, reports are that the closer one got to Atlantic Yards, the better Barron ran. By contrast, in the Concord Village development located far from the yards, and largely composed of retired Jewish school teachers and struggling young families pretending to be Yuppies, Barron was beaten soundly.

So how much of a fluke were Barron’s results this year, and how seriously should we consider Barron’s promise to run for the seat again in two years? I’ll leave that up to you, but Gatemouth’s work could be seen as a road map for how to tweak Barron’s message for his next race. (Assuming, for the sake of this exercise, that Barron would ever stand for a tweaking in the first place.)

— Azi Paybarah