Beauty Glow for Only $55

ERICA: I’ve never had a skin regime in my life. The truth is I practice “gift bag skincare.” This means that I just use whatever products I get from give-away gift bags from different events I attend. I would not necessarily recommend this plan of action, but a girl does what she can. However, with one month left until the big day, I decided it was time to get serious.

So, I scheduled a 90 minute facial for myself at the Aveda Institute on Spring Street, and man was it a little slice of heaven. Since the Aveda Institute is their teaching school, I was a smidge worried about having a student cleanse my pores and pop my pimples, but as it turns out there was not a thing to worry about. In an hour and a half, I had a footbath, a tourmaline mask, all sorts of cleansing, extractions, hot towels, a foot and leg massage and a neck and back massage. In truth, I found that my student was even more conscientious about doing a good job than a normal facialist might be. Not only that, but the whole shebang was only $55! I was so relaxed and rejuvenated by the time I left, I scheduled three more facials for the upcoming weeks.

Best of all, when I got back to my apartment my doorman Elliot said “huh…you’re kind of glowy today.”

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