Bloomberg Shoos Away Howard Dean

It’s one thing forThe New York Times to say the Mayor might have trouble raising money for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, another for him to do so himself. When a reporter asked about convention fundraising today, Bloomberg said:

“I think it will be difficult for the city. As you know, we are trying to raise a couple hundred million dollars to pay for the memorial and we have a poverty initiative which I’m really excited about, which we’ll have to raise the money privately for because it is so innovative, and I think those things, in terms of raising money, would probably be much higher priorities for everybody. But we would be honored to have the convention. But these conventions have gotten so expensive.”

The original leak for the Times story came from inside City Hall. Is the Mayor trying to inspire the private sector to pick up the slack, or is he sending the Democrats a message, or has Howard Dean already decided to go to Denver?

Matthew Schuerman