Democrats looking to dump Conaway from Assembly ticket

If four-term Assemblyman Herbert Conaway, Jr. wants to stay in the Legislature, it may have to be as a Senator. Sources say that South Jersey Democrats are prepared to drop Conaway from their seventh district ticket next year and replace him with Troy Singleton, the Deputy Executive Director of the Assembly Majority Office and a rising star in Democratic politics. Conaway has had considerable problems getting along with local Democrats over the last few years. Democrats say Conaway can have the organization line to run against GOP State Senator Diane Allen — something he declined to do in 2001 and 2003. Don’t look for Democrats to shell out any real money behind a Conaway for Senate campaign — Allen is too popular in her district to face any real threat of losing. Could Conaway rescue his career by switching parties and running for re-election as a Republican on Allen’s ticket? Not likely — the GOP says they don’t want him. Editor’s Note: After this item was posted, Burlington County Democratic Chairman Richard Perr told “The Burlington County Democratic Committee supports his re-election, and, if he intends to run for re-election, he will have the line.” Still, and with much respect, this website stands by our post.