Friday: Kalikow Gets Lucky, Jim Carrey Gets Unlucky, LuluLemon Gets Annoying

LuluLemon Attacks!

  • Governor-to-be Spitzer has made it clear that he doesn’t want Peter Kalikow around at the helm of the MTA–even though Georgie Pataki has reappointed him for six years. But an oh-so-awkward stalemate has been avoided, because the heroic Real Estate Board of New York has asked Mr. Kalikow to become the group’s chairman. If politics won’t have you, REBNY’s arms are always open wide. (New York Times)
  • If you live in the United States, you’ve probably never heard the name of yoga-friendly Canadian retailer LuluLemon Athletica. But if sometime over the next decade you happen to wander through Midtown, SoHo, Union Square (or two other neighborhoods yet to be disclosed), you’ll certainly hear the name. Over and over again. (Crain’s)
  • That voluminous ripping you heard last night near Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village was the sound of $4,500,000,000 checks being torn out of mega-gigantic checkbooks. Will the winning bidder be Trump? No. Might MetLife sell the 110 buildings to its tenants if the price is right? Maybe. Maybe. (NY1)
  • Jim Carrey has signed a one-year lease on a Lincoln Center penthouse, and it’s a mere $45,000 a month! He got the four-bedroom place because he’s supposed to be in town to shoot A Little Game Without Consequence. BUT: a day after that item was reported, Mr. Carrey and his co-star and director have abruptly abandoned the project, which tragically leaves the comedian an unwanted $540,000 rental. New York real estate is not a little game. (New York Magazine)
  • Max Abelson