Lamont’s GOTV Preoccupation

As Ned Lamont’s homepage makes a point of stressing, “It’s all about the GOTV now.” They’re talking, ostensibly, about their own efforts, which are now focused on gathering as many names as possible to contact for help on Election Day.

But judging by conversations I’ve had with people within the Lamont camp, it’s the Joe Lieberman GOTV effort that’s on their minds. Specifically, they’re obsessed — perhaps with good cause — with the matter of Lieberman’s nearly $400,000 in unaccounted for petty cash expenses. Lamont’s supporters aren’t going to let the matter drop, and staffers, as well as unaffiliated Democratic consultants I’ve been speaking with, seem to find it genuinely extraordinary.

The Lamont campaign has a complaint into the FEC. It’s safe to say they’re hoping something big comes out of it.

–Jason Horowitz