Monday: Fifth Avenue Says, "No! Wire! Hangers!"

Walentas and mega-babe

  • Carolyne Roehm, a veteran of 740 Park and 1 Sutton Place South, was shocked–completely shocked–when she went apartment hunting. “How can you live on Fifth Avenue and have wire hangers,” she asked. Listen, Mommy Dearest, why were you looking in strangers’ closets in the first place? (NY Times)
  • David “Pied Piper of DUMBO” Walentas is offering a free decade of rent to any theater group that will hole up at his new 110 Livingston condo. What does his son say? “It can’t be three kids out of NYU.” (D.I./New York Magazine)
  • Banks are headed to the outer boroughs, because Manhattan has officially been super-saturated. Hoorah! (Crain’s Premium)
  • Also in Crain’s: Whole Foods is headed to Park West Village. Finally, the Upper West Side has a hip supermarket. (CP)
  • The $1.7 billion Javits Center expansion is breaking ground today. And that’s really bad news because the new and improved building “will be a tempting terrorist target.” Or maybe everything will be fine–as long as those 18-wheel tractor-trailers are screened. (NY Post)
  • Max Abelson