Monday: Private School Kids Like Expensive Apartments, Trump Likes Expensive Bathroom Fixtures

The Donald makes another pronouncement.

  • The Times says that New York children “now know what is prized and what is not” when it comes to real estate. Isn’t that excellent news? Enter Bellmarc’s Julie Freeman, who caters to the kind of client that is “looking for a splendid apartment on Central Park West so that her children will be comfortable entertaining.” (New York Times)
  • Some more early-morning vulgarity: Donald Trump takes credit for starting the hot trend of nine-digit “super luxury properties.” How many SLPs are on the market? Three: Mr. Trump’s $120 million Palm Beach estate (the bathrooms have 24-karat gold fixtures), plus a $135m Aspen palace and a $100m home in Lake Tahoe. Capitalism never fails. (AP)
  • The superb Coliseum Books is filing for bankruptcy, which isn’t good news for the flagship at 11 West 42nd. (A few blocks down, Gotham Book Mart is facing eviction too). For book lovers, the bright side is that there’s a very big library in the neighborhood. And, you know, also a Barnes & Noble. (The Sun)
  • Max Abelson