Monday: Spitzer! Shakira and Pink Floyd! Larry or Sergey?

Real estate don’t lie

  • A Google founder is headed to a $30 million apartment at 15 Central Park West. Sadly, New York isn’t sure if it’s Larry Page or Sergey Brin. Plus, Arnold Rothstein’s Franconia is selling its roof. (New York Magazine)
  • Eliot Spitzer happens to have a dad who’s built up $500 million-worth of real estate. (That’s half a billion dollars.) Among his jewels are 1050 and 800 Fifth Avenue, the Corinthian on East 38th, and the curvy 200 Central Park South–which Eliot once owned a part of. (NY Daily News)
  • The duplex penthouse at 823 Park sold for $30 million, which is a record for the modest little avenue. Tragically, the apartment and its rooftop garden will belong to a hedge fund kid, who had been “prowling the market for trophy properties.” (NY Times)
  • In Crain’s this week: wonderful Tower Records is gone, which means West 66th and East 4th will soon be much less cooler. Also, Duane Reade “gets kinky” by hawking a high-end line of erotic goods. (Crain’s premium)
  • Last week Forbes reported that hip-shaker Shakira and Pink Floyd’s elderly frontman Roger Waters are buying (and developing) a 700-acre island in the Bahamas. It takes time for news like that to really sink in. (Forbes)
  • Max Abelson