Silver Squeezes Back on Moynihan

The Governor’s show today appears to have moved Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver little. Silver has come up with a new reason to put off approval of the Moynihan Station plan, which his press office put out today:

“It has become increasingly difficult to understand the lack of an explanation as to why we are not moving ahead with the broader plan for Moynihan Station. Under the proposal for phase one presented to the Assembly for approval, only commuters from out of state would benefit from a new facility. We need to move ahead with phase two in order to ensure that Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North, Amtrak and subway riders are all afforded an updated, safe and modern transportation facility. As the proposal stands now, with all the transportation benefits going to non-New Yorkers, I cannot support it.”

Silver’s Press Secretary Skip Carrier said the Governor’s staff will provide one last briefing at 11 a.m. tomorrow in advance of the 2 p.m. meeting of the Public Authorities Control Board.

Matthew Schuerman