The Squeeze, Pataki-Style

Just how much leverage does an exiting Governor have over a recalcitrant Assembly Speaker who refuses to approve the Moynihan Station plan that Pataki has worked on for just about all of his 12 years in office? Well, there is always the press conference, which he held today in the foyer of the Farley Post Office, where the station (technically an extension of the existing Pennsylvania Station) would go. And then there is the footage of the press conference, which the Governor’s press office, in an unusual move, is providing via satellite feed in time for the evening news. The Public Authorities Control Board–the panel that, because of Sheldon Silver’s reluctance, has resisted approving the project–is scheduled to meet tomorrow for the last time before the November election.

The Mayor, by the way, got quoted in the press release, but did not make it to the event itself, which is emblematic of the way he has stood on the sidelines while watching Silver and Pataki fight.

Matthew Schuerman