Thursday: The 'Notorious Kremlin,' The Notorious Lord Foster, and Infomercials

  • Last night, the Upper East Side’s resident badboy Jeff Koons tenderly defended Lord Norman Foster’s plans for a shiny new Madison Ave. skyscraper. “I think we have an important chance here,” said Mr. Koons, “to add to our legacy as New Yorkers with this very, very special building.” Then the community board promptly voted against it. (NYT)
  • Mayor Giuliani once wished it would be “blown up,” and Bloomberg called it the “notorious Kremlin” (and “rinkydink candy store”). But 110 Livingston is headed for 335,000 square feet of bamboo-floored glory. (Sun)
  • Gertel’s, the Lower East Side’s “last kosher bakery,” is moving away from its 92-year home on Hester Street. The condo that’s taking its place will not be serving challah. (NewYorkology, via Gothamist)
  • Williamsburg just got 3% hipper, 18% uglier, and 39% more annoying. And it’s all thanks to something called Kiska. (Curbed)
  • Peter Marino’s tower of “interlocking apartments” on Central Park has received a big award–even though the prize is handed out in Boston, and even though the tower hasn’t been built yet. Mr. Marino is a lucky man: his plot on 57th Street doesn’t even have height restrictions. (Interior Design)
  • Also: those late-night real estate infomercials are probably not a good idea. (Sun)
  • Max Abelson