Tuesday: Brooklyn Oil, the Green Terminator, Naked Maggie?

Arnold salutes NYC? [Deider]

  • Schwarzenegger has taken Mayor Bloomberg into his warm, shapely bosom–but it’s Governor Pataki that Arnold takes to see Battery Park City’s Solaire, the green 27-story tower finished in 2003. (NY Times)
  • The Brooklyn Paper officially apologizes for their semi-nude photo of Maggie Gyllenhaal: “Its placement on Page One was inappropriate and not in line with our standards.” That’s her neighborly house warming present. (BP)
  • Developer-cum-“preservationist” Aby Rosen, the most stylish man in the real estate biz, says “the Upper East Side has lost a little bit of its progressive luster.” But is his Lord Foster-designed tower the solution? Answering that question is going to leave “a lot of blood on the floor.” (NY Sun)
  • After 56 years, 17 million gallons of spilled oil, and 50 carcinogenic acres, Senator Schumer comes to the aid of Greenpoint. Exxon Mobil still doesn’t care. (NY Times)
  • Next month, New York’s 21st Park Avenue Armory show will assemble 65 dealers for “Modernism: A Century of Style & Design.” Stylishly, the show will preview Richard Meier’s On Prospect Park. Grab your name-brand $6 million apartments early! (Interior Design)
  • Max Abelson