Tuesday: The Engima of Affordability! Plus, Jay McInerney On Elaine's & Michael's

Dr. Jay

  • Jay “Brat Pack” McInerney makes a brave, bloggerly expedition into Manhattan’s most writerly restaurants. He reports that Michael’s is still popular for lunching Jews (“the tribe,” Jay?). Likewise, he says the boozy Elaine’s has not been “plausibly supplanted as a writer’s watering hole.” Here’s evidence to the contrary: Norman Mailer is gone, Brian Glazer is there instead. (House & Garden)
  • To make you feel worse about Manhattan, The Times continues its year of dour realty news with a piece on rising housing costs. Things are bad everywhere, yet in New York “more than half of all renters now spend at least 30% of their gross income on housing, a percentage figure commonly seen as a limit of affordability.” Maybe a burst bubble wouldn’t be so terrible after all. (NY Times)
  • Magazine Profile of the Month: Meet Keith Granet, who represents the stars of interior design. How will his magic touch benefit New York? Get ready for Charlotte Moss on Madison Avenue, then a SoHo antiques boutique for Monique Gibson, “Elton John and Jon Bon Jovi’s designer.” Plus: Mr. Granet hates Target. (Interior Design)
  • Sign #28941 that the Financial District is resuscitating: Holiday Inn Wall Street has been bought by a luxury hotelier. (If you’re a broker in the market for a convenient one-nighter, get excited for the upcoming “renovation–and more.”) (Globe St.)
  • Max Abelson