Tuesday: The Whitney Dumps Renzo; Damon Dumps Boston; Will New Yorkers Dump Westchester?

Mr. $5 million [AP]

  • The cost of single-family homes in pretty little Westchester has hit a record high. And that’s bad news, obviously, because it’s inevitably all downhill from here. (And because there’s going to be the first year-to-year decrease in sales since the elder Bush administration.) (AP/NY Daily News)
  • Jay McInerney is leaving his lady friend’s 72nd Street apartment for the Village, but first he’s going to hit up “all the Upper East Side restaurants.” He couldn’t get into Jean-George’s favorite Sushi Seki, so he went to Maya (which “has long been one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.”) And yet it made McInerney’s tummy hurt. (House and Garden)
  • It’s (almost) official: The Whitney is ditching Renzo Piano’s Madison Avenue expansion plans for the hipster High Line. “Hope springs eternal,” says the Upper East Side. (NY Times)
  • Boston Baseball Real Estate: The Yankees’ Johnny Damon sold his old Red Sox house for over $5 million, but the Mets’ Pedro Martinez has been forced to cut his Brookline house down to $1.895. (And poor old Nomar Garciaparra can’t unload his Boston waterfront condo.) (WSJ)
  • The mysterious Public Authorities Control Board controls New York, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Secrecy is so in right now. (City Limits)
  • Max Abelson