Two More Things I Was Wrong About

Leon Hadar of Cato Institute says that he has been openly critical of American policy vis-a-vis Israel. He cited his book Sandstorm, which I will get, so I can improve myself. Though I am keeping open my challenge re the major thinktanks in D.C.: How many thinkers do they employ who see Israel’s occupation and its denial of civil and human rights to Palestinians as a big problem in U.S. relations with the Arab world?

I also said I thought David Gelernter was alone among the pro-Iraq intellectual brigades for actually having a son in the military. Mike Desch at Texas A&M says I’m leaving some other intellectuals out. “FYI: Eliot Cohen at SAIS served in the Army reserve and his son Rafi is a platoon commander in one of the brigades of the Ranger regiment. Also, Cliff Orwin at Toronto has a son at West Point (though his other son made Aliyah and just finished his hitch in the IDF). Your basic point is correct that not many neocons have laid it on the line in terms of military service but a few have.”

My thanks to Hadar and Desch…