Wednesday: 42nd Street Fantasies; Whitney on the High Line; Boomer Panama Condos

Times Square, circa 2046

  • Proposal of the Decade: vision42 wants to ban cars from 42nd Street. That’s because the current Times Square is a godforsaken nightmare, and because “a pedestrian and light-rail line zone would boost business” by $380 million each year, and because there might be greenery. (AP)
  • Drama on the High Line! The Dia Art Foundation has ditched plans to open a museum on the elderly elevated railway, and the Whitney may swoop in to take its place. But that would mean the Whitney would have to forget its old plans for a Renzo Piano-designed expansion uptown. And that would mark “the third time that it commissioned a celebrity architect to design a major expansion to its landmark building, only to renege.” (The New York Times)
  • The un-glamorous Brooklyn Navy Yard gets a 400,000-square-foot expansion, resulting in seven bigger buildings (including a “huge” supermarket, of course). Borough Prez Marty Markowitz boasts: “Brooklyn can still make it big, make it bold, and even make it green.” Marty always knows just what to say. (NY1)
  • In its steady climb towards modernization, Vinegar Hill is being treated to a $3 million renovation of McLaughlin Park. The garden will be restored, and there’ll be a “multi-purpose synthetic field”–just like the kind our forefathers had. (Brooklyn Record)
  • The new “Vista Boquete” condos have everything a Baby Boomer could ever want in a luxury development. (Tennis courts, putting green, outdoor heated pool, etc). Remarkably, the place isn’t in Midtown–it’s in rural Panama. Central America is so chic. (Multi-Housing News)
  • Max Abelson