Advice Column: Two Weeks of Bliss, and Confession

This morning I overheard my wife giving relationship advice to a friend on the phone:

“This is the rule. In the beginning of a relationship, those first two or three golden weeks, you can confess anything. You get permission to give all this information about yourself, and the other person has to respect you for it, and accept it. Like [X] told you he was basically illiterate, he didn’t read, and you went along with that. But if you find out after those two weeks, it’s completely different. Like I have a friend who lied about her age. Well the guy found out from her drivers’ license, six months after they’d started dating, and it was very bad.

“It goes for jobs too. In the golden period, you can go to your boss and say That’s fucked up, that’s fucked up. For two weeks, they’re interested. After that, they’ll cut your head off.”

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