At the Party

Jason and I have arrived!
We were greeted on the second floor by a cash bar. “Premium brands”
are 13 dollars. “Name brand drinks” are 11.75. Apparently it gets free-er later, which is good: Glenn Thrush is thirsty! The Bloomberg inauguration (also held here!) was the watermark in political parties.
Also of note: the press room wifi is down. NY1 is replaying shamelessly Pirro’s Page Ten moment.
Jerry Nadler just sashayed by.
It’s just like Christmas up in the Sheraton! And Jason just spotted someone he wanted me to blog about but I forgot and he’s looking for a free drink. Oh here he is!
Jennifer Cunningham, political director of 1199, was wearing a white button that said Cara Kennedy Cuomo Something Something 2006. Like part of the family now.
Also we think we spotted Vernon Jordan! To the bar! Hi-o!

— Choire Sicha