Award, But No Celebration

From today’s school funding decision, which lowers the level of mandated state aid for city schools and kicks the issue to the legislature, here are two passages that’s sure to infuriate people who pushed the issue into the courts:

“On the question of accountability, the Referees concluded that existing State systems, identifying schools that perform poorly and sanctioning failing schools, already provide adequate accountability, and that no new Office of Educational Accountability should be created. They recommended, however, that the current system should be enhanced by the development of a comprehensive ‘sound basic education’ plan, by the New York City Department of Education.”


“We have neither the authority, nor the ability, nor the will, to micromanage education financing.”

UFT president Randi Weingarten and others involved in the lawsuit will hold a 1:30 press conference to respond to the decision, which presumably, they don’t like and want to fight.

More interesting is the question of how this affects Eliot Spitzer, who walked a fine line during the campaign on this issue.

— Azi Paybarah

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