Edit Board Edits Out Eminent Domain

Considering that just one-third of the 76 referenda on state ballots passed, The Times editorial board suggested today, “If voters are beginning to lose interest in the initiative process, that’s a heartening development.”

Then again, maybe they are not losing interest after all in one area. In a development that the editorial did not take note of, more than one-third of the one-third of referenda (also known as more than one-ninth of the total, or nine out of 76) that did pass focused on one issue: curbing the government’s right to seize property, according to the property rights group The Castle Coalition.

Chip Mellor, the president of The Institute for Justice (which unsuccessfully argued for homeowners in Kelo v. New London), says, “The momentum for eminent domain reform continues–fueled by the outrage of property owners and a nation’s concern over this onslaught on fundamental rights.”

Matthew Schuerman