Friday: Chelsea Artworld ‘Streetwalkers’! Plus, Redesigning Design

  • The math is a bit complex, but Brooklyn Paper reports that the IRS will be foiling Bruce Ratner’s “sweetheart deal” for the Atlantic Yards. Developers have long enjoyed a tax scheme called PILOT–payments in lieu of taxes–in which those “payments” are quite petite. PILOTs were bestowed upon the Mets and the Yanks for their new digs, but will it now be taken from Bruce and the Nets? (Brooklyn Papers)
  • A Times reporter spends a few months on a hot block of 25th Street, “watching its rites and rituals, talking to its pioneers and newcomers, its ground-floor gods and high-floor hopefuls.” What do we learn? Chelsea is artful. And there are more galleries now than there were “streetwalkers” in the grimy olden days. (New York Times)
  • Speaking of hustlers, the National Association of Realtors is begging people to purchase its wares, putting out major buy-a-home-now! advertisements for the first time in a century. “Large Inventory Won’t Last” is a very comforting statement. (NY Daily News)
  • Redesign is the new interior design. All you have to do is pay over $100 per hour for an Interior Redesign Industry Specialist to “mix and match” existing furniture and to “group accessories for impact” and, of course, to rehang artwork. Lo and behold, the trend is taking off in the real estate biz. (WSJ)
  • Max Abelson