In The Observer, Errata Edition

I have to begin, unfortunately, by correcting the record: In a story about Alan Hevesi in this week’s paper, I made the bone-headed error of attributing a number of quotes to Ken Sunshine that weren’t his. I didn’t interview him for the story on the record or off, and the inclusion of his name is directly due to a major error in communication on my part. I sincerely apologize.

Rebecca Dana has a story about the O.J. Simpson interview with Judith Regan and ensuing controversy.

Jason Horowitz looks at the competition between Rudy Giuliani and John McCain for George W. Bush’s fund-raisers, and quotes a number of the donors saying distinctly uncharitable things about the competition.

Steve Kornacki explains the (theoretical!) possibility of a coup against incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

John Koblin has a piece about Donald Trump’s proposed 45-story tower on Spring Street, which could be “far and away the most conspicuous symbol in the neighborhood.”

And Michael Calderone writes about a new newspaper in D.C.

— Azi Paybarah

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