Monday: More Murdoch Graffiti, More P&G, More Water in Yonkers

Click for Yohnkuz [NYT]

  • The New York Times ventures outside NYC, documenting the spread of Trump-ish luxury in New Jersey. Plus, there are some mammoth plans for Yonkers: $3.6 billion will buy 1,900 feet of the Saw Mill River, and a development nearly the size of the Atlantic Yards. (NYT)
  • Keeping with his colorful history of hatefulness, Jay McInerney brags about getting into the Spotted Pig, talks parenthetically about his hangovers, and then puts down Corner Bistro. (House + Garden)
  • A new Architect Magazine website has been launched! Party time. Our multi-month wait has been rewarded with three new blogs, included a doozy named “A Day in the Life of an Architect.” (Architect Online)
  • Remember the mysterious mansion at 11 Spring Street? It seems Lachlan Murdoch’s old 14,000-square-foot digs is about to get a makeover from Soho’s coolest street-art group. (Click for more pictures). (Wooster Collective, via Gothamist)
  • Speaking of memories, today’s Times piece on the Upper West Side’s doomed P&G bar is quite reminiscent of a piece written by our very own Chris Shott. Oh well. (NYT)
  • Max Abelson