My Sister’s Poor Circulation Results in an Aggressive Campaign for Detroit

DEMETRIA: “Instead of having your wedding in the Dominican Republic, you should have it in Detroit,” my sister/maid of honor wrote to me in an email. “That way more of our family can come.” FYI: I already told everyone, including my sister, that my big day would take place on a cute little island. So when my sister gave me her suggestion, she was fully aware of my vision. I was born and raised in Detroit and it will always be home. But the Motor City won’t do for my wedding.

I’m planning a destination wedding, in part, because I want a small, intimate ceremony. No need to invite second cousins I haven’t seen in years or my hairdresser’s brother. However, in spite of the fact that my fiance and I have already booked the venue in the Dominican Republic, my sister’s actually gone so far as to enlist our unknowing aunt’s help in securing a Detroit location.

One of the tactics she uses on me is guilt. We both have this circulation condition, nothing life-threatening, and she’s claiming she can’t tolerate sitting still on a plane for that long. It might exacerbate the condition. As far as I’m concerned, she will have a perfectly good aisle that will allow for plenty of exercise. Cartwheels if necessary.

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