Outrage Over Avigdor, From Americans for Peace Now

My last post said that Americans were too quiet about the ascension of Avigdor Lieberman. Lara Friedman, director of government relations for Americans for Peace Now, points out to me that APN has been vigorous in denouncing Lieberman’s expulsionist beliefs.

Americans for Peace Now – the sister organization of the Israeli Peace Now movement – is very concerned about this development. And in point of fact, we have been very outspoken on the issue – moreso than any other American Jewish group. Most notably, on Oct. 26 we issued a press release on the subject (which was covered in the Jewish press). On Oct. 31 the Jerusalem Post published an op-ed on the subject authored by our President and CEO, Debra DeLee, entitled “Where is the outrage over Leiberman”? Both the press release and op-ed are copied below.

In addition, last Friday we hosted Akiva Eldar for a standing room only public briefing in Washington (co-hosted by the Foundation for Middle East Peace and the Middle East Institute), and Monday we co-hosted an off-the-record briefing call featuring Ophir Pines-Paz, who courageously resigned in protest over Leiberman and his party joining the government.

Duly noted. Kudos to APN!