Rudy 1, McCain 1a

With Rudy Giuliani and John McCain both clearly on the road to a presidential run, Republican fans of the like-minded Republicans — hawkish in both foreign policy and temperament — are going to be forced to pick between the two.

A few weeks ago I was speaking with Rep. Pete King about this very choice. King, you may remember, picked a fight with George Pataki and most of the New York GOP establishment to stand by McCain when he ran against George Bush. But he’s also a longtime friend and ally of Giuliani.

So who will it be?

“I supported McCain in 2000,” said King. “I still think he’d make a great president. I just feel that at this time, more than anyone, Rudy realizes the type of enemy — an insidious, amorphous enemy.”

“Rudy is number 1, McCain 1a.”

— Jason Horowitz

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