The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

  • Dumbo has been known as Rapailie and Olympia and Fulton Landing and Gairville. After its impending Landmarks designation, the place will get yet a new moniker. How about Rapailie Redux? Or David Walentasville? [Brooklyn Papers]
  • St. Nicholas Church was destroyed on 9/11, and, by 2009, it will be rebuilt two blocks away from its former site. According to NY1, the new locale at Greenwich and Liberty streets is “above a security center that will screen buses and trucks headed to the new World Trade Center.” [NY1]
  • Brownstoner asked: “What if you were a wealthy philanthropost [sic] who could write a $100 million check to fund any infrastructure or public project in Brooklyn?” In chronological order, his readers dreamed up: trolley cars, bike lanes, a high school, a complete transportation system for northeastern Brooklyn, a complete transportation system for southeastern Brooklyn, a large parking lot, Ratner’s exile, pre-schools, etc. We say: More high-end pre-schools! And trolleys! [Brownstoner]
  • TV’s Kramer is not doing so well these days. But the real Kramer (the neighborly fellow who lived across the hall from Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David) is doing just fine. Get your “Kramer Reality Tour” while it’s hot. [Newsday]
  • Max Abelson

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