The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

  • CNN continues its glum year, reporting that American home prices have fallen around the country. On the downside, they’re down the most in the Northeast (falling 4.8 percent from a year earlier). On the plus side, the glorious “New York-Wayne-White Plains” triangle enjoyed a pretty little 4.7 percent boost. Hurrah for Wayne, NJ! [CNN/Money]
  • National price-cut of the week: Out in Beverly Hills, a Saudi businessman listed his incomplete 30,000-square-foot compound for $65 million — then slashed it to $33m. The WSJ doesn’t know much about this wily seller, except that he was “executive producer of the 1988 children’s film The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.” [WSJ]
  • In continuing The Observer‘s endless fascination with the Manhattan commute, we present two maps that will answer every question anyone ever had about electrified New York rail transport. [Streetsblog]
  • If you like hanging out with “1200 executives, decision makers, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, top brokers, mega-agents, trendsetters, press, analysts and investors,” mark your January calendars for some serious Manhattan networking. Jonathan Miller says Connect NYC 2007 is a “must attend,” although his objectivity is self-admittedly questionable. [Matrix]
  • The Harlem revival continues, and the northern half of Riverside Park may be turned into an “enchanted forest.” Gardens and skate parks would be a serious improvemenet over metal sheds and scrap metal piles. [City Limits]
  • – Max Abelson