The Afternoon Wrap: Monday!

Mr. YSL! [Teller]

  • Yves Saint Laurent’s 75-acre estate, an 1874 doozy off the Normandy Coast, has been reduced from $25.6 million to $19.9. (Why? “It was too much.”) We hope his old Fifth Avenue pad does a little bit better. (It can be fashionably yours for a mere $7.75 million.) [Forbes]
  • Realtor-Mocking Blog Post of the Month: A couple of weeks ago, the Freakonomics geniuses noticed the National Association of Realtors’ ego-bruised response to a poll listing realty as the single least prestigious calling. (The NAR’s retort doesn’t exactly add to the profession’s reputation.) “It can’t feel good to come in dead last in anything,” Freak-man Stephen Dubner wrote, “even a public-opinion survey.” [Freakonomics]
  • Thankfully, the rental market is apparently cooling off after a hellish summer. Will renters have an easier time this winter? “The party might be over for the city’s brokers and landlords,” writes The Real Deal, “at least for now.” [TRD]
  • Though the “U.S. General Services Administration” doesn’t sound like an exciting bunch, they’ve filled their “influential chief architect post” with a young modernist instead of a classicist (who had been considered a shoe-in). Viva modernity! [Chicago Tribune, via Arch News Now]
  • Max Abelson