The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

  • London’s wonderful mayor Ken Livingstone wants to charge gas-guzzling cars £25 to enter London’s “congestion charge zone.” What will Mayor Mike do in response? One can only hope that he bans Hummers, at least those yellow ones. [Times of London, via Streetsblog]
  • The crawl toward gentrification out in Bed-Stuy is speeding up thanks to a few restaurants on Bedford Avenue (with expensive names like Le Toukouleur.) The street is apparently “turning into something of a Restaurant Row for the neighborhood,” even though it’s on “an otherwise pretty foresaken stretch of road.” [Brooklyn Record]
  • But if one small store could ever summarize a mammoth borough, it would be Enamoo in Brooklyn. You’ll find a “mixture of vintage household items with uniquely-designed t-shirts and nice little arrangements of plants.” Throw in the “trademark antique cheese crates planted neatly with aloe-like vegetation” and you’ve got upscale New York City in your hands. [Apartment Therapy]
  • Superior Inks Warehouse, the last factory on Greenwich Village’s waterfront, will probably not live to see its 88th year. On the plus side, a 15-story luxury condo will take its place. Hurrah! Everyone loves more 15-story luxury condos! [NY1]
  • – Max Abelson