The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

  • Presumably because his rock career hasn’t been so wonderful lately, Jon Bon Jovi has put his three-bedroom Park Millennium tower pied-a-terre on the market for $6.95 million. The place can be yours for a whole month for a mere $30,000. [WSJ/The Real Estate Journal]
  • Up in Boston, Fenway Park gets all develoment-y. Those silly Bostonians still can’t compete with us and our Yanks and Mets and (soon-to-be) Brooklyn Nets. [Architect Magazine]
  • Yale man Robert A.M. Stern (below) takes The Wall Street Journal on a bookish tour of New York’s architectural survival (the name of his game is “poetry from the pragmatism”). [WSJ, via ArchNewsNow]
  • Building a monster condo on the Upper West Side is a bad neighborly move in the first place, and beginning construction at 5:40 a.m. on a Tuesday only adds insult to injury. [Curbed]
  • Max Abelson