Yiddish Phone Service on Frieden

Ever since City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden publicly <a href=”“>criticized a Jewish circumcision practice for spreading potentially fatal cases of Herpes to infants, he has not been the ultra-orthodox community’s favorite public official.

Today, the Yiddish news service Kol Mevaser is worried that Eliot Spitzer is close to selecting the City’s Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden as the state’s top health official. (The daily report is accessed through a telephone call-in-number and is popular with Yiddish speakers who try and steer clear of what they consider to be inappropriate ads on radio.)

“We got a report that he was about to become the next State Health Commissioner,” said Zalmen Wieder, one of the service’s editors. “We have a lot of people with connections to government. We are trying to get a few people to check it out. It seems to be true.”

–Jason Horowitz